Silver Bullets vs Magic Beans

It’s no secret that we live in a life-on-demand kind of world these days. If you want it now, you pretty much can get it now. Fast food, movies and TV shows on your computer, jumping on a plane in a moments notice and going just anywhere in the world – you know, all those luxuries. We also have the world at our fingertips, both as a customer – and as marketers. Umbria can dig down a mine conversations for us. Radian 6 can let us know what’s going on across platforms. Google alerts sends us mentions of our companies as they happen. It’s instant access.

You knew there was a “but” coming, didn’t ya?

But when it comes to creating a sustainable movement for your company, if you’re looking for a silver bullet to get people talking about and with you in deep, meaningful, sales-driving ways, then you might be in for some disapointment.

As we’ve said over and over and over again here on our little slice of the interwebs, there is no magic bullet. You won’t find it in throwing up a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account. You won’t find it in renting influential bloggers for two months to talk about your new product. Those are shots at your problem, and while they might “wing” your woes, they won’t kill them.

Instead, long-term sucess starts with an investment of dedication, nurturing and insight. Not just any ol’ beans you can throw in the ground, but “magic” beans. Movement beans. What’s the magic? Preparing the soil, digging in the right spot, adding just the right amount of water, and all those other metaphors. The point is that in this on-demand world, it takes time to cultivate relationships. And those that are willing to roll up their sleeves are the ones that are going to outlast the flash-in-the-pan advertising gimmicks and come out on top for the long haul.

Besides, you’ll be amazed by what those little beans can grow into. It might even be a whole new world above the clouds.

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