Be Social Media Agnostic

It’s something that Geno‘s been throwing around lately: being social media agnostic. At least at the beginning of any project. And by that, I mean not jumping into tactics. Because tactics will bog you down – quickly. If you think a Twitter account or a Facebook page are going to solve your communications problem, then think again Bucky. They are tools. And unless you’re like my Uncle “No-Thumbs” Jimmy, you don’t just start using tools without a plan. In fact, you don’t even think about the tools until you’re ready to actually start building something.

Being social media agnostic frees you from the chains of having to think tactics at the beginning of a project. It doesn’t dirty the waters of gathering insight or make us lean certain directions. And it allows us to open up the box of possibilities and play with a lot of different ideas.

So be social media agnostic. Don’t fall into the trap of shoehorning a client into something that doesn’t fit. Because if you do your homework and go have actual conversations that are meaningful and insightful, the tactics will become as obvious as the nose on your face. And that’s a great feeling.

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