Find the Quiet Leaders

What a whirlwind last week was. The first half was full of friends, kindred spirits and the 3rd annual FIRE Sessions. And the second half was an amazing Word of Mouth Marketing Association Conference in Miami (and the Ritz, no less!). So many great people, different perspectives and a lot of great conversation.

And as this whole WOMM thing keeps growing and evolving – especially with the rise of social media – there’s still SO many conversations around “influencers.” (Remember where we stand? We are fans of the passion model, because influence can be made, but passion can’t.) But a recent conversation got me to thinking about a whole new type of “influencer” that we all have in our circles, companies and fan base: The Quiet Leader.

The Quiet Leader isn’t the one that those WOM marketers necessarily think about going after these days. They want the Oprahs of the world. But the quiet leaders are sometimes a lot more influential…

Quiet Leaders let their actions speak louder than anyone’s words every could. People watch them intently and they don’t really know why.There is a strength in their silence and they chose their actions deliberately.

Quiet Leaders leave the ego by the wayside. Ego is powerful, ugly beast that can easily take over a typical “influencer’s” life and when it does, they’re no longer leaders. Just noise.

Quiet Leaders elevate those around them instead of constantly trying to elevate themselves. And when you elevate others, they never forget it. They are loyal. They are always happy to return the gesture.

So don’t forget the silent leaders. They just might be the ones you’ve been overlooking, and could be the ones that are the key to your success. Because in this case – even though it may be counter-intuitive – silence is indeed golden.

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