The 2009 FIRE Sessions are coming

Tomorrow, in fact. So we’re busy gearing up and getting everything in place. Our invite-only event is maxed out this year and people are coming in from all over the country. Among our on-stage guests are Made to Stick’s Dan Heath and Jake McKee, The Community Guy of LEGO Community fame. (Our theme this year combines them both – Sticking Together.) The Lead Fiskateers will also be in the house and answering questions about what’s it like to lead a vibrant customer-led community.

We’re also very excited to let you know that fellow kindred spirit, Olivier Blanchard – the Brand Builder himself – will be joining the crew and providing the updates of the day via his Twitter feed (hashtag #fire09) and guest posting right here on the Brains on Fire blog.

So stay tuned. The party starts at 8:30 AM EST tomorrow morning.

Curious about what the FIRE Sessions are all about? Check out the recap from 2008 and 2007.

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