Fast Food vs. Home Cooked Meals (in Marketing)

Ah, fast food. Every once in a blue moon I’ll crave it. Go get it. And then pay for it dearly by feeling like crap for the rest of the day.

And then there’s home cooking. Yummy. We all have our own stories of what mom or grandma or dad or Aunt Gertrude used to make that we loved so much. And those memories are powerful. A lot more powerful than what you got a Burger King last month.

You know why?

Fast food is convenient. Home cooking is labor intensive.
Fast food is last minute. Home cooking is planned.
Fast food is mindless. Home cooking is thoughtful.
Fast food is mass produced and you’ll get the exact same thing the customer in front of you got and the same thing the customer behind you will get. Home cooking is different every. Single. Time. Because it’s made specifically for you and your tastes.
Fast food is easy. Home cooking is hard.
Fast food comes in little paper wrappers and you eat it in the car. Home cooking has leftovers that last for the week.

I know we live in a convenience-driven world, but does that have to go for marketing as well? Do you really want an agency drive-up window that will give you exactly what they gave the client before you – and you’ll have to come back tomorrow for more?

Home cooking in marketing beats fast food any day of the week. But it takes time. It’s unique to you. And last, but not least, it’s always, always worth it.

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