Using Twitter for Good This Very Day at 1:46PM EST

So apparently I’m the resident Twitter curmudgeon here at Brains on Fire. And I’m afraid I can’t disagree with that too much. As we see this tool evolve over time, what I love to see is how people are harnessing it’s power in unexpected ways.

I realize that I am completely veering off from my typical tone and love/hate with Twitter to write this, but if you haven’t heard, Hugh Jackman (@realhughjackman) has issued a challenge for good:

Ladies and gentleman, I’m here to, in-turn, challenge you to help LOVE 146 be that charity. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a pro bono client of ours that is out to abolish child sex trafficking and slavery. Read that last sentence again. Child. Sex. Slavery. And Trafficking. I can’t think of a more horrific thing happening in the world today. Two children are sold every minute into sexual slavery. It’s the second-largest income generating syndicate in the world. Think about your daughters. Your sisters. Your nieces.

If you haven’t seen the video of how they came to be, it’s powerful and tells you all about the name. Take two and a half minutes and go watch it.

And here’s the part where I need your help. LOVE 146 HQ is organizing an effort to turn Hugh’s head and get that $100K. Here’s the plan from them:

What better way to catch Hugh’s attention than to bind together as task forces, friends, and abolitionists to create a collective shout against slavery!

Beginning today, Wednesday, April 22 at 1:46pm EST (That’s 11:46am in the mountains and 10:46am for you West Coasters), we will dedicate one hour to convincing Hugh Jackman (@realhughjackman) that his $100K can have a huge impact on the movement to end child sex slavery & exploitation.

We’ll do the same thing tomorrow, Thursday, April 23 for one hour beginning at 1:46pm EST.

Now we’re calling on you, because we know we can’t do it alone. And we know that sharing the many stories of restoration, of hope, of empowerment, just isn’t possible in one Tweet of 140 characters. Join us in taking this platform to express your passion for abolition!

What first caught your attention enough to join the movement? Was it the story of 146? Was it the first time you heard the staggering statistics that demonstrate the depth of the issue? Was it the feeling you had the first time you met a survivor of trafficking?

We all have these personal encounters that tie us to Love146. Let us now use those stories to share why we each think Love146 can become more effective in the prevention of child sex slavery & exploitation and the restoration of survivors through Hugh’s generous donation!

If you don’t have a personal story, retweet those that you see out there on Twitter or go to the website or facebook page and tweet about some of the statistics! And if you have room, tag it with #love146.

WEDNESDAY, April 22, 2009: 1:46pm EST – 2:46pm EST
THURSDAY, April 23, 2009: 1:46pm EST – 2:46pm EST

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