The Spasm of Passion

I spent the weekend of April 3rd through the 5th in New Haven, CT attending the first Love 146 Advocate Summit. Brains on Fire has been fortunate to get to know the staff at Love 146 and learn about their mission, as we helped them change their identity from Justice for Children International to Love 146.

The Love 146 mission is the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation. Nothing less. Love 146 is in this fight not to just make a difference, but to end it. It takes courage and determination to take that stand.

Rob Morris, president and co-founder of Love 146 opened the summit with a passionate talk to the twenty-plus advocates attending the summit. Most brands and organizations have a distinct advantage over Love 146 because they can put a face on their cause. But Love 146 holds “dignity” up as the measure for what they do, so you will never see the face of child promoting the cause of Love 146, because giving dignity back to these children is their first priority. Oddly, this core principal gives Love 146 a huge difference: the ability to tell a story. I could tell you the story of Love 146, but my typed words won’t do it justice. Please click here to watch the video of how Love 146 came to be.

Rob spoke of inspiring stories of how people made difference, from explorers of the Antarctic to Rosa Parks, and the Greensboro Four. Rob made the point that these inspiring stories came about due to a lot of strategic planning.

Today we all want a “grass fire” to ignite our story for our product or organization. But the rush to creating that “fire” causes a “spasm of passion.” Those aren’t my words, they are Rob’s – but I love ’em. So many thoughts, products, causes die because the goal is to create that spasm of passion.

The groundwork had been laid long before Rosa Parks boarded the bus. Rosa didn’t just get tired and take a seat on the bus. Rosa was the test case planned by the black activist group in Montgomery after fifteen year-old Claudette Colvin was arrested.

“Today we have to develop the lungs and legs for the long haul, we are going to end it.” Those were Rob’s words to the first summit of new abolitionists that attended the Love 146 summit. Too many times we just want to have an impact, create action.

My point is that sometimes we’re so focused on creating the action (the buzz, the PR, the ad) instead of focusing on the change – that there’s no plan. But it takes a lot of faith, a lot of work and a lot of passion to create change.

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