What would it take for you to abandon your favorite brand?

Over the weekend, brother Armano expressed his displeasure that the new MacBook Pros don’t come with a video projector adapter.

Now I’m not here to debate whether or not that’s a ripoff or not. It just got me to thinking about what it would take to get you to turn on your favorite brand. David was pissed at Apple, but did he turn around and take back his brand new, shiny computer? Nope.

So what would it take? Think about your favorite company, product or brand in the whole-wide world. Now think about what it would take for you to never, ever use them again. Crappy customer service? A bad user experience? A “lemon?”

A big part of what a brand is, is your memories of that brand and how you identify with it. If those memories are positively strong, it might take a lot before you abandon that brand. There’s even many, many stories of people blaming themselves (user error) if their computer blows up or their transmission falls out or their clothes come out of the wash destroyed. That’s loyalty.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that companies who have spent years earning your trust have the right to screw you over just because they think they can get away with it. That’s not right. Quite simply, my question is what would it take for you to leave them and never, ever look back?

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