Zits and Imperfections

Maybe I’m getting way too personal, but I recently had a HUGE zit on my forehead. Yeah, 35 and I still get them – yea! And while I don’t think I’m narcissistic, I do like to look good (or at least what I think is “good”). So like anyone who cares about their appearance, I obsessed over that zit. When I looked in the mirror, it’s all I could see. When I talked to other people, I thought that they were looking at it the entire conversation.

But they weren’t.

My point (and yes, I do have one) is that sometimes, we as companies obsess over things we think that everyone – our fans – are going to focus on. We freak out about it. But in reality, when you have people that love you, they overlook your flaws. They don’t even see them. They know that you’re human and that you’re trying as hard as you can and that sometimes – sometimes – things happen that you can’t control. And as long as you have a history of fixing those things as they come up, you’ll be the only one freaking out.

Now, off to buy some Oxy.

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