Ready. Set. Go.

If you’re reading this, then you know, the new Brains on Fire site is live!
Gone are the days of the Brains on Fire blog and the very separate Brains on
Fire website. That silliness is over.

So grab a shot of tequila with us, settle in and poke around a bit. It¹s
still spanking new and might have a couple of hiccups, but we couldn’t wait
another day to share it with you. We¹d also love, love your feedback and
suggestions, so have at it.

Here¹s what we¹re jumping up and down about around here:

1. It’s kind of like “Brains on Fire LIVE” since the site is pulling from
our blog, our various twitter accounts, flickr, you tube and our speaking
engagements blog every two minutes. The site itself is a just a frame that
draws from all the places we show up online. How cool is that!?? Even our
case studies are pulling from flickr sets. We¹ll add even more work and case
studies in the coming weeks.

2. There will also be a new section in mid January titled “Published”. This
area will hold papers we¹ve written as well books and podcasts that our work
has inspired. Hopefully, this will be come a resource for anyone who is
interested in learning more about Brains on Fire’s unique views on Word of
Mouth Marketing and creating movements.

3. You can navigate by tag. Check that out in the upper right hand corner.

4. The HELLO section makes us smile. (Can you guess who’s singing?)

5. It’s done on time and because of that ­ everyone is taking a
much-deserved extra holiday and we¹re officially closing on Christmas Eve.
(Be sure and check in late Christmas Eve, though. Cordell has a story to
share, a gift really, for everyone.)

6. And last but not least, we’re excited to have found some happy and
ridiculously talented new friends at FL2 interactive in Denver, Colorado who
helped us every step of the way! They have been really patient with us (can
you imagine Brains on Fire as a client???) and pushed us with new ideas and
suggestions every step of the way. We love you FL2! Same tribe.

Cheers, love and all that good stuff!

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