Personal networking vs. Professional networking

This is just a gentle reminder that there is no ‘vs’ there anymore. Because personal networking and professional networking are now the same thing. You have professional contacts and friends in your Facebook. And I’m pretty sure you have folks from both those groups in your LinkedIn network, too ” right?

I’m just sayin’ that just like the companies we work for, we MUST be ourselves 24/7. That there are no more masks to hide behind or personas to try on. The greatest companies out there are the ones comfortable in their own skin and decide to own it. They’re not trying to be something they are not or even all things to all people. And with Twitter, Dopplr, MySpace and the rest, neither can we. Because you’ll be found out. And if you’re found out, you’ll lose trust. Just ask Walmart. Or Edelman. And it’ll take a long time to get that trust back.

Transparency is a beautiful, scary-as-hell thing. But embraced with open arms and the realization that people are fallible ” and companies are made up of people. Then it all starts to make sense. So there is no personal networking vs. professional working anymore. There is just networking.

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