When is it a Movement?

A couple of weeks ago at one of the social events for BlogOrlando, Rob Williams totally stumped me with a question. In his quiet way, he asked, ‘You guys say that you create movements. So, when does it become a movement?’

Great question.

We talk a lot about movements around here if you haven’t noticed. And that’s just to emphasize the long-term sustainability of them. But when we start a new partnership with a client, we always tell them that movements start small. With a core group of highly passionate fans. And then it grows, engaged fan by engage fen.

Which brings be back to Rob’s question: When does it become a movement?

I posed this question to Geno last week. His response? A movement starts with the first conversation.

If that conversation is filled with honesty, transparency, true interest and a LOT of listening, then the first seed is planted. The movement has begun in one mind and one heart. And that’s usually the beginning of something powerful, meaningful and full of potential that gets realized more every day.

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