Banned Words

So, we here at Brains on Fire have words that we have deemed unnecessary…or just out and out dumb.  From our Tequila Shots book: “There is nothing wrong in simple.  We don’t use a 10 dollar word when a 5 cent word will do.  We don’t make up fancy names for our work or processes in an effort to make it more unique.”  To that effort, asked a bunch of folks what their banned words are…via Twitter, here were some responses:

@slantsix -  “call to action”

@simonashton – “monetize & synergy”

@quickenloans – “priority”

@sketchbookb – “synergy & synergistically”

@amyharle – “ leverage, granularity, well-positioned, drill down, empower”

@FluentNetworks – “brainstorm, innovate, next generation, tipping point”

@thinkhammer – “Impactful” (amen, brother…the actual definition for the verb “impact” is gross and icky)

@rundle – “game-changing & at the end of the day”

@gravelpup – “rockstar & ninja”

See.  Lots of folks are passionate about this.  See, the old trend of business consulting books coming up with these fancy new processes is a little outdated.  Okay, it’s tired.  Just say what you mean.  We use the words identity, relationship, people, inspire…because those are the things we believe in.  We believe in sustaining relationships, not “humanizing the transaction”.  If we want to talk with a client or customer, we say we are communicating with them, not “harvesting feedback”.  You get the point.   What are some of the words you’re tired of hearing?  Go ahead, bring it on.

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