Get ready, here comes another rant about RFPs!

Okay, if you hang around us long enough, you know this: We don’t answer RFPs, unless we have the inside track or we write them.

I’d personally like to create a movement in our industry that changes this crazy, waste of time business practice.

I know there are others out there who feel the same. Oh yeah, someone will pipe up and tell me how much answering an RFP has grown their business, I welcome that point of view. Try and change my mind. Great movements need resistance.

I have no data to base this on, but I would wager that 95% of the time an RFP is issued in our industry — a decision/relationship/preference has already been made. Period.

If you are inside a big company that requires RFPs when you hit a certain threshold of spending, help me out and say it’s true. Most of the time, you know exactly who you are going to use, before you go out and solicit folks to answer an RFP. You know it. That’s why you hate them and the whole process, too.

Hmmmph. Well, once and while we get caught up and break our own rules. We see a project that has perfect fit all over it and say “This time will be different” or “It’s really just an RFQ”. Shoot me in the head! And every single time, I am reminded why WE DON’T ANSWER RFPs.

Can you imagine a world where we all just said, ‘Enough is enough.’ Just imagine — we wake up one day and everyone refuses to answer RFPs. No more “RFP answerers” in the whole world. We simply refuse to play. It would be a better world people!

So… let’s sign a pac and start a movement here.

IF from this day forward, you agree not to answer an RFP — unless you help write it yourself. leave us a comment and make that commitment outloud. I promise it will not affect your business one bit. In fact, in our case, not answering RFPs has made us stronger and our revenues have increased. Seriously.

One last thought, what if we formed a group, comprised of sourcing agents — they’re nice people trying to do there job — and asked them to help us find a better way. A simple way that gives them easy access to pricing for competitive bids — not sure what that would look like. But maybe if we worked out something that could effortlessly (and ethically) help organizations get two extra bids, clients and agency could waste a lot less time with RFP Policies and Procedures. Is there an idea here?

Rant over.

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