Welcome home, indeed.

I was in NYC for business a couple of days earlier this week and had the most amazing experience. After a long day of meetings, travel and flight delays (and almost losing my iphone@!@#*) I arrived at The Greenwich Hotel.

It was about 8:30pm.

Now, normally when I travel to NYC I stay at one of the Starwood hotels. We are preferred members and between us we rack up some extras, like room upgrades. But they were all booked. I was late making hotel plans, so the person booking for me found this place. Looked nice.

Bear with me, because I am about to get carried away with this story. I travel a good bit, but this was without a doubt one of the coolest welcomes I have ever received.

They grabbed my bags out of the cab.
Took my luggage to my room as I checked in.
The very nice guy behind the desk welcomed me by name.
Then he took me to my room. And gracefully showed it off.
The snacks and drinks ” free, (well, except alcohol). Seems they (the owners) tried hard to create a hotel that eliminated all their personal pet peeves, like paying nine bucks for a bag of chips.

The Greenwich Hotel is brand new (but has this feeling of a hotel that has been around a very long time). They are obviously quite proud ” and rightfully so.

The rooms and bath are huge for NYC. There are amazing meeting spaces and this wonderful outdoor courtyard in the center. I could go on and on. But here is what got to me.

This handwritten note was on the desk in my room.

Wait — it gets better.

Somehow in the course of our conversation Todd told me about the restaurant, “Ago” and I say ‘Good, I might go have a glass of wine and something to eat.” As I am sitting there trying to decide about that and making a call, they bring me a freaking glass of wine and four of the best pieces of chocolate I have ever eaten. You know, the kind with sea salt sprinkled on top to bring out the flavor. Seriously, it was over the top.

Oh – and on my desk with the first note ” there was a letter asking if I could please let them know what they can do better. They only wanted the negatives, so they can be sure to address them right away.

Can they keep it up? I don’t know. But I have to tell you, if they do ” they will be booked every night for the rest of eternity. It was really a great reminder that REMARKABLE service is putting yourself in the shoes of your customers, listening hard and paying attention to every little detail. Being in the service business, I LOVE when I get an over the top reminder like this.

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