CP+B, Fast Company, Apple and PC

As it is already widely known, the cover of June’s Fast Company boasts one Alex Bogusky of Crispin Porter + Bogusky fame, who has been hired by Microsoft (to the tune of $300 million) to ‘crush Apple.’

If you’re a fan of the shop – that arguably has created some of the best creative in a long time – or not, the article has a lot of nice tidbits that some of us forget about CP+B. Like how not all of their campaigns have been successful. But the ones that have ” wowza. Another interesting thing about the article  is they liken Bogusky to Steve Jobs ” the man he’s looking to take down.

I have no doubt that CP+B will do some great work for the Xbox and a few other gadgets (no, not the Zune), but when it comes to PC vs. Mac, I’ll go ahead and say it: it ain’t gonna happen.

CP+B is a Mac shop, so they said they are trying to create a campaign that will get their own people to switch. I have a problem with that. It’s not like you’re trying to get someone to switch from Dell to HP. Trying to convince someone to switch from a Mac to a PC is like trying to get someone to change religions. It’s like trying to convince someone to go back to a tricycle after they’ve been driving a sports car. It. Just. Doesn’t. Register.

Many a book and article have been written about the cult brand called Apple. No, they are not perfect. No by a long shot. And yes, MS has some really cool products coming out.

So I will surely keep my eye on the new Microsoft campaigns that are supposed to launch this summer. But as good as CP+B is, I really doubt that great advertising can make up for a flawed OS that, despite the upgrades, still has a bad reputation.

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