Consumer Generated Names

Now you can name Pontiac’s new sport truck. (It looks like a newer version of the El Camino to me.)

Pontiac is jumping on the user generated content bandwagon and has created a mini-site where folks can suggest names for this ‘bad boy.’ (Their words, not mine.) What do you get in return? Well, bragging rights, and a chance to win one of the new vehicles in late ’09. No, if they chose your name submission you don’t automatically win the car. It looks like that you could submit the most crap-tabulous name and still win ” it’s the luck of the draw.

The thing that gets me about these contests is that you never know if the name they picked was actually submitted by a real person and not created by the ad agency. (In fact, there are rumors that this very thing happened to our hometown baseball team. I’m just sayin’.) But how could it be remedied? A big ‘ol celebration for the person who submitted the chosen name?

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