Why Identity and Word of Mouth Marketing belong together

So if you go to our website, you’ll see the first thing that comes up says that Brains on Fire is an Identity company. It’s true. We’ve been around for 26 years and what we are now has grown out of our love and expertise of creating identities that Fascinate, Inspire, Reward and Engage.

Then along came the rise of the word of mouth marketing discipline. It was a natural fit for us, because in all reality, creating sustainable movements is something that we’ve baked into the DNA of all the identities we’ve help build. Now we just had something to call it.

And here’s why it all makes sense: Every company has a different voice. A different set of beliefs and, most importantly, a different culture. And for ANY piece of word of mouth marketing to even have a chance to work ” an overall movement, or even tactics – it has to be authentic to the company. Thus the dangers of the ‘add-on’ approach. I’m not talking about slapping the logo on a piece of literature or blog. I’m talking about something that is true to the brand, including the voice. The attitude. The vocabulary. The values. And those things can only be found down deep in the identity of a company.

Really, do you think the same word of mouth marketing ideas can be used at both Chevrolet and say, Anthropologie? Not on your life. Yes, you’re talking about different groups. But you are also talking about different cultures entirely. And that’s why the ‘one-size-fits-all’ tactics will never work. If you try to emulate some other community and not take into consideration your own identity and your own voice, you’re bound to fail.

So the marriage of identity and word of mouth is a natural one. A mandatory one, even. Sure, we’re biased. But until you uncover with deep, roll-up-your-sleeves insight who a company is, what they stand for and how they can ignite and sustain excitement internally and externally, then you’re just shooting the dark with ANY communication.

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