Grass-Roots Politics South Carolina Style

I’m always excited to read some news about South Carolina that doesn’t involve UFO’s or strange pets. Oddly I had to read about my state of residence from the website.

Most of the presidential candidate’s use out of state organizers to hit the streets and drum up support from the locals. I happened to run into an Obama supporter the other day and I heard the term ‘LTC.’ After doing a little web investigating nothing turned up about. Then I struck gold in a google alert.

It turns out ‘LTC’ stands for ‘Living The Campaign’ LTC is the mantra created by local South Carolina Obama supporters. The idea is simple ” working the message into their school and work and personal lives. These volunteers also are taking advantage of the networks of beauty salons and barbershops to reach ‘unofficial’ opinion leaders in the African-American community.

I know this is more of the old fashioned style of politics but it really hit home to me. I ran into a member of the LTC troops working an inner-city neighborhood. It struck me as being a rare genuine wom moment.

My short conversation with a person living the campaign will be rolling around in my head as I head to the voting booth Saturday.

Story credit Christi Parsons |

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