A First for Brains on Fire

If you come here often, you’d have to be sleep reading to miss how much we believe in the power of kindred spirits.

We’ve met so many people in our travels, especially at WOMMA, who have challenged and inspired our thinking. Kindred spirits who believe, as we do, in creating advocates to kick start sustainable growth and energy. We’ve formed tight partnerships with many of these folks, like our friends at Umbria and The Scully Group to name only a few.

Now we’re taking that notion up a notch and turning it into a new program at Brains on Fire.

The Brains on Fire ‘Marketer-in-Residence’ program will invite uniquely experienced marketing practitioners to contribute their time and talents to our clients, as well as inspire our own growth.

These hand-picked marketing experts will work in a temporary capacity with Brains on Fire to help influence how we turn innovative ideas into actionable tactics. Our desire is to offer our clients access to some of the smartest thinkers (and doers) in marketing. These marketing experts will also help coach and mentor all of us to think smarter and act faster (always a good thing). And we think in turn, we might teach them a thing or two. I have always loved the internship program we have at Brains on Fire because we get fresh thinking as we provide fresh thinking.

We’re still pondering the nuances, but here’s how we basically see it working: Each ‘Marketer-in-Residence’ will serve a short residency working as a full-time Brains on Fire employee, followed by monthly in-office visits, and on-going remote communication. They will work on specific areas of our business including Consumer Insights, Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Project Management. They will get special business cards, have a brainsonfire.com address and basically join the team.

So who’s on first?
John Moore from the Brand Autopsy Marketing Practice will be our first ever ‘Marketer-in-Residence.’ John’s been a kindred spirit ever since we met him at the first Word-of-Mouth Marketing conference in March of 2005. As many of you out there know, John cut his marketing teeth as a Retail Marketing Manager with Starbucks and then as the Director of National Marketing with Whole Foods Market. These days, John shares his marketing know-how through presentations, consulting assignments, articles and his book, Tribal Knowledge. John is a respected WOM practitioner having consulted with companies including Oakley, Proctor & Gamble, La Brea Bakery, Whitbred PLC and Which Wich Superior Sandwiches.

John will begin his two-week residency with us on Monday, February 11.

So yeah, pardon my long windedness (is that a word?), but I’m genuinely excited about all the new things this brand new year is bringing our way. Stay tuned.

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