FAO Schwarz: Imagination Becomes Reality

There are a handful of folks here at Brains on Fire that have their own personal blogs, or contribute to others as well. One such blog is Weirdo Toys, which highlights the love of our Design and Illustration Rockstar, Justin Gammon and his collection of odd, ugly and neglected treasures.

Justin recently stumbled across a new, remarkable service that FAO Schwarz is now offering: Make-My-Own-Monster Custom Design Kit. (They partnered with the good people at North American Bear Company to make it happen.)

856185_l.jpgThe idea is simple: You bring in a drawing of a monster that you child has created and, for $250.00, they will make a doll version of that drawing.

What I love about this concept is that it isn’t the newest video game or animatronics toy. But it is a very cool way to bring a kid a lot of joy, awe and delight as they see something from their imagination come to ‘life.’

And that, my friends, is what we call ‘remarkable.’

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