Stop being boring

Every week, we are humbled by the amount of resumes and job opening inquiries we receive, for they are many. Now I’m not a recruiting expert by any means, so this is just my opinion here, but why, oh why when you’re applying to a creative agency would you make your resume bland and boring?

The part that really gets me, though, is the ‘Objective.’ Take this one that showed up in my mailbox yesterday:

Objective: To obtain a full-time position where I can utilize my education and experience in business to benefit a corporation in achieving its goals.

Ah, what?

How vanilla can you get? It’s like a tagline that you can pick up off of one faceless, personality-void company and put on another. How about ‘to kick creative ass’ or like when our First Impression, Mr. Steve was applying for a job once upon a time, ‘To get paid, fool.’ Now THAT’S an objective.

Sadly, there are throngs of companies out there that present themselves the same way. It’s rank-and-file thinking. And it stems from a lot of things…the largest being a tired identity.

So let your personality shine through, for cryin’ out loud. No, you don’t have to be wild and crazy, but there’s gotta be something there that people can connect with. That goes for the buttoned-up types of business, too. We’ve seen what the power of a strong identity can do. And, believe me, even if it’s in the professional services industry, it’s not boring.

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