Fans and Bands, Part 73

Via Wired:

Modest Mouse and Columbia Records let Final Cut Pro users submit videos for the latest Modest Mouse single, called “Missed the Boat,” in the latest example of a band and label harnessing fans for purposes of collaborative content creation.

Visitors to the site selected the top eleven submissions, and now have the final say on which one will become the “official” video, as seen online and on MTV2, using an easy voting mechanism (as in no registration required).

So far the top vote-getter is video #1, which depicts a scientist’s domestic life with the robot he created followed by the robot’s own quest for (what else?) love.

Again, we see that more and more bands get it. And again I ask why CMOs can’t see their companies as bands and their customers as fans. It’s not that far of a stretch, is it? Embrace them. Give them tools to get them involved. Listen. Implement. Repeat.

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