London 2012 – the logo drama

There is a stink brewing about the 2012 Olympics London logo. Via one of my favorite identity blogs, the boys and girls at Wolff Olins charged almost $800,000 to design the new mark (note to self, raise prices). I’m no designer and am surround by some of the best in the industry, so I’ll keep my mouth shut on this one. However, a few people ” to the tune of 23,727 (and rising all the time) ” aren’t keeping their mouths shut and have actually started a petition to either redesign the identity or go back to the bid logo.
There’s also an article that’s been written collecting some of the more interesting remarks in the blogosphere.

Look, an identity mark is a personal thing. Some people don’t like a certain color. Others see something that reminds them of that bully that beat them up in third grade. But with the right insight, there’s always a thread that’s woven through a great mark that the audience can cling to.

I’m not saying the boys and girls at Wolff Olins didn’t do their homework. They are actually really good at what they do (most of the time, at least), but the instant and loud reaction by the English blogosphere is intriguing and should probably at least be recognized.

This one will be great to watch.

Update: Seems like the animated footage on the London 2012 website triggers seizures. This just keeps getting better and better. (Or worse and worse, depending on how you look at it.)

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