Same Tribe

This week we began work with a new client for a naming and identity project. It’s actually our first piece of pro bono publico work in a long time and we decided to take it on for two reasons. The first and most important reason is that Justice for Children International works to abolish child sex trafficking, which, when you stop and digest it, is arguably the most horrific thing going on in the world today. The second reason? We like them.

It’s an unwritten rule around here that we only work with people we like. You know, it’s all about that set of words I probably use way too often: kindred spirits. But it’s true.  When you work with clients you like, it makes work a lot more enjoyable. And it has to be a mutual ‘like.’

I say that to say this: I call them kindred spirits. But in the email we received after the JFCI initial Insight meeting, they called it something different:

‘We have a term we use often around JFCI and it expresses one of our values well. When we meet someone or a group of people who just seem to ‘get it’ or are very like-minded, we say ‘Same Tribe.’ For example…when we left Brains on Fire this past Tuesday, we got into our car, looked at each other, smiled and said ‘same tribe.’ All that to say…we like you.’

What a great set of words. If a company’s true personality shines through in every single thing that they do ” in the people that work there, to the work they do, to they way they answer the phones to their very outlook on life, values, etc. ” then they will attract like-minded people and like-minded clients and vendors. It’s amazing to watch it happen with big and small companies alike. It’s a kinmanship that creates loyal advocates. And given the right tools, loyal advocates help with the word of mouth. It’s all about finding those in your tribe and speaking to them.

Same tribe. That will stick with me for a long time.

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