How to Kill Your Brand

A colleague sent this YouTube video my way last week. It was uploaded by a 20-year old Sony PlayStation fan and was created by Doc Adams (an audio production and voiceover professional), who rewrote The Fray’s ‘How to Save a Life’ to point out the flaws of the PS3 and why it’s losing ground fast in the gaming console world.

Here’s what he had to say about his creation: This song is about how Sony took everything gamers didn’t want in a console and gave it to them for more than they were willing to pay.

You know, it’s been pointed out that a lot of the stuff on YouTube is ‘utter crap.’

It doesn’t matter.

Someone took the time to create it, upload it and share it with others. And there are more and more videos like Doc’s out there that bash a brand that they once were loyal to in a video that’s both entertaining and rings true.

The bottom line is that agencies and brands don’t need to fear these people. I’m going to speak next month at a session that’s entitled: ‘Sitting Backseat in a Consumer Driven Marketplace: How consumers are steering the industry and how marketers are being run over.’ Nice title, eh? Marketers are going to get run over only if they fight this customer-empowered movement instead of embrace it. The opportunity is for co-creation. And there’s opportunity everywhere. Advertising isn’t going away, people. It’s just evolving like it always has. Only now you have to actually engage your customers instead of bombarding them. Scary? Absolutely. And that’s what makes it so freakin’ fun.

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