YouTubing Your Message to Management

Norman.JPGThis week, I tripped over yet another creative way to use YouTube. Employees of Miller Brewing Company, up in arms over the possibility of CEO Norman Adami freezing their pensions, expressed their dismay in song and shared it with the world. The song is from the “Union Women of Miller Beer” (vs. the Miller Beer girls which turns up quite different items in a YouTube search). The video is not particularly well produced or entertaining, but gets the passion of the message across in a way that a written manifesto never would.

This is going to be my new first example when someone questions me on who citizen marketers really are. This is a trend that has moved way beyond fanatics and bored college kids. This is less about demographics and more about having something to say, or “sing” as the case may be.

And what will corporate leadership want to do upon seeing this trend? Hopefully, the takeaway is to create more forums for open internal discussion & collaboration so that employees don’t feel the need to resort to publicly airing dirty laundry to be heard. Alternately, we’ll start seeing more policies trying to prevent these sorts of electronic love notes. Time will tell.

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