Hijacked Weekend

(Warning: potential horn tootin’ ahead)

Last week, Brains on Fire was abuzz (and a wreck which you’ll see here) as we assembled, labeled, and mailed 399 welcome kits to the Fiskateers – Fiskars crafing ambassadors – who were registered as of this past Thursday. As the packages started hitting, we saw some lovely thank you notes come in via email or message board. We were very pleased, but not particularly surprised.

What happened over the weekend, however, has knocked us on our flaming rear ends:

1. Fiskateers with blogs of their own started writing some inspiring posts about what it means to be entrusted with a pair of special scissors.
2. Registrations started exploding at a rate that we had only seen at the very launch of the program

fiskateerswelcome_5.jpg3. A thread on the message board appeared about turning the Now What? booklet (filled with information on what it means to be a Fiskateer and what is expected in return) into its OWN piece of “altered art”. Once one person posted about it, 12 more chimed in. This serendipitous hijack was not something we planned for, but is something we are happily embracing and encouraging. Now my brain is spinning wondering what I can send them to alter next!
Is someone trying to hijack your marketing? Are you fighting back or sending them a thank you note?

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