The reason we are dedicated to our internship program

If your company does not have an internship program going, I strongly advise you to consider it. At the risk of beating our own drum, I’ll share this to show the power of influencing young passionate minds.

Brains on Fire Team,

Thank you for all of your emails! It was so encouraging last week to
hear your appreciation. I simply wanted to ensure that you not only
had a wonderful set of incoming future interns, but that students
really get a chance to see the awesomely fun side of our major
through a company like BOF. Alison could tell you of variety of
companies that were at the fair, and quickly sum up that design/
identity/WOM is very low on the list for the title of ‘most
prevalent’. Companies like BOF are few and far between, and I can
tell you that every student I spoke with felt like I was sharing my
best kept secret with them.
Know that after working with you two summers ago, the working
environment and way you approach and do business is still imprinted
in my mind. You all know this already, but you have a great thing
going, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Let me know how I
can continue to spread the word about BOF in any other ways.
I hope to visit soon.  Take care!


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