Marketing Best Practices

(Do forgive the blogging hiatus as I’ve been using up all my vacation days for the year in the timeframe of a month!)

It seems the only time I get to read books (or take the time, really) is when I’m on vacation, because I define vacation as sitting on a beach all day everyday and, when I’m not napping or having an ice cold adult beverage, I’m reading.

A long time back, Justin Kirby was kind enough to send me an author’s edition of his then forthcoming book, Connected Marketing. And I’m just now getting around to reading it. I’ll post a full review later this week, but I’d like to throw out this tidbit first:

It comes from a case study in the book, where the president of a brewing company gives the wack on the head statement that, (paraphrasing here) ‘why would you care about marketing best practices? What works for my competitor probably won’t work for me, so why should I try to copy him?’

That’s a great point. Sure, I see the importance of learning about marketing best practices so they can birth new and better ideas that you can tailor make for your company. But you have to take stock of your assets first. How Interbrand markets and presents itself is not how Brains on Fire should…so we don’t.

So before we try and copy the ‘best marketing practices’ of our competitors, let’s take a look at what makes us strong and different first, and adapt. If done the right way, your competitors will soon be looking at you for their next move.

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