Brains Exposes Sumo

Sumo-BrainHi all.

I know I usually let my images do the talking for me, but this time, I have a little bit more to share. I’ll make this short and sweet.

I’m not sure if any of you remember, but Brains on Fire recently sent me to Newcastle, England on a designer swap with SUMO. I was anxious, not only with it being my first time in England, but also working for two weeks with a group of total strangers. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Would I like them? Would they like me? Would they like my work? Two weeks can be a long time if you don’t like the guy you’re working with… or worse yet, if you’re having “designer’s block.”.

Anyway, I feel like I should be filling you in on tons of bizarre stuff that I’ve discovered making SUMO so wildly different or weird, but honestly, I was surprised how truly similar they are to Brains on Fire. Don’t get me wrong. There were a lot of differences. Behind the superficial things like uncomfortable chairs, no account executives, occasional spec work, etc., at its core, SUMO is just like us. I got to work with a small group of truly fantastic people who genuinely care about each other and their work. From SUMO’s client insight processes, to idea sharing and even in cutting and pasting 200 festival posters by hand, I recognize that as creative agencies, our common goal is to create truly meaningful and distinctive work.

I am honored that Brains would send me overseas for such an experience and flattered that SUMO would welcome me so warmly. Better yet, SUMO let me truly become a part of the team, allowing me to contribute research, sketches and executions for several clients/projects that are important to them.

Thank you Jim, Suzanne, Gav, Jen, Sarah, Jack, Graham, and Jemma for having me, and thank you Robbin, Greg, Greg, and Kathie for sending me.

I know that sounded all hokey and crap to you readers, but I’m truly a Brains on Fire and SUMO advocate. if you need more reasons to understand why, read these:

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