Want Power? Then Give it Away.

CAUTION: Potential horn-tooting ahead.

I’m blown away. Sure, when we first set out to create a community/movement for kindred spirits for one of our clients, we knew ” that with a lot of hard work that involved rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty (in a great way) ” that something special would happen. And the key part of the movement was to find those passionate people, give them the online and offline tools and opportunities to talk to one another (and also reach out to potential kindred spirits) and then get out of the way. Sure, we expected a lot of things to happen. But even in its infancy, it’s gone far beyond what I ever imagined.

Now ” unprompted ” these passionate advocates are creating their own marketing tools. They are stepping up  and taking ownership in an international brand. They are personalizing something that used to be institutionalized. And they are coming up with ideas that the brand ” or even (gasp!) Brains on Fire wouldn’t have thought of.

And I’m in awe.

It started with a company that was willing to gain more power in its industry by giving it away.

And this is just the beginning for them.

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