Customers and Companies: It's DTR time

Yes, maybe it’s time to Define The Relationship. Because that’s what it is now: a relationship. Oh, it was one before, but it was a one-way relationship. Abusive, even. And now all that is changing. The power is shifting. But it starts with companies and their customers defining that relationship. Because, I gotta tell ya, what works for one relationship might not work for another. Tools, interaction, who controls what part of the message ” they are all up in the air. And the middle ground is definitely a lot about balance and compromise.

The sad thing is, that most of the companies out there don’t want to talk about the relationship. They think everything is fine (even though they can tell something’s just not right). Some even think they have already had the DTR talk ” even though they haven’t.

Sound like anyone ” I mean, any company ” you know?

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