Verizon can hear me now.

I am a Verizon Wireless customer… and when I signed up four years ago, I was a begrudging Verizon Wireless customer.  They had the best coverage in the area when I moved here, so I went for it, but I will never forget calling a rep and asking if they could give me a deal on a phone, since many other carriers were offering one.  He said, “No.  Since we’re the largest wireless provider in the country, we don’t really feel like we have to offer deals like that.”


So it was not without reservation that I signed on.  Since then, my service has been fine.  I haven’t really had to think about it, so I didn’t really care who was getting my monthly check as long as my phone kept sending and receiving calls.

Lately they came back up on my radar, because I was pretty sure it was about time for me to invest in a new phone.  I checked my account info online a few times to see if was eligible for an upgrade, and found different information (or a lack of information) each time I signed in, so finally last night I called to figure out what the heck was going on.  That’s when I met Chris at extension 42.  Chris was the customer service rep I dealt with last night, and I just have to say, GO CHRIS!  He apologized for hold times, he explained everything he was doing along the way, he called my local retailer to let them know I was on the way… he was great!  He even called me back to inform me of some other details that came up a few minutes later.  It was a far cry from the call four years ago when I was told that they had so many customers they didn’t have to go above and beyond for them.

I know there are plenty more where I came from… the key is not to make me feel like one of millions, but one in a million.  So kudos to Verizon.  If all of your service reps are as helpful as Chris, then you have certainly learned some things about customer service since I first met you!

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