Hiring is Tiring

I have done a lot of hiring lately. Which means I have done a boat-load of interviews over the last well…many, many weeks. Four new people have joined or will join the Brains on Fire team in about a two week period.  (Say hello to Billy, Brandy, Rene and Amanda!)

Anyway, I certainly don’t pretend to be an expert at hiring, but here are two things I have learned during this latest growth spurt.

1. Go with your gut. For the team of folks we have gathered, almost all were quick decisions. That doesn’t mean they got an offer the same day or even the same month, but we knew right away if it was right. Sometimes you can get a feeling in those first few minutes.  Sometimes even a first phone conversation. I hate to admit it, because that puts a lot of pressure on everyone ” me included — when you say it out loud, but it’s true. There is just a certain something in the air as you meet someone that you can really trust.
2. Listen to how they speak about others. This tells a lot about a person.

We try hard to respond to every letter, email and inquiry about working here. It’s hard. And I am sure we miss some. I personally have failed to follow up properly on more than one occasion. To those folks that get lost in the shuffle, I am so sorry. I know finding the right work is as important to you as it is to us…

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