Kindred Spirits

I’m just now recovering my thoughts from the whirlwind WOMMA conference. Kudos to Andy and the entire WOMMA staff for putting together an awesome, inspiring event.
I don’t know what left me dazed the most: WOMMA or the Tower of Terror.

There are so many attendees who have put out some great takeaways from the conference like John Moore and Jackie Huba. I really don’t know if I could add anything above and beyond their conference reviews.

So I just want to touch on the subject of the people that attended WOMMA. It’s starting to feel like a homecoming at a WOMMA event. Meeting up again at the Wednesday night cocktail party with John Moore, Bill Tuohig, Ian McGee all the way from Singapore, Bob Troila, Genevieve McCaw, Ted Wright, Virginia Miracle and many others made me realize why I love attending an event like this compared to some of the monster events I’ve attended (How Design Conferences, for example). Lively discussions continued through dinner at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (I have to plug this place since it’s my wife and daughters favorite place to eat at Disney). Where else can you get so many different points of view on what is word of mouth, creative executions, metrics, influencers, religion, and on and on? This is true democracy of knowledge.

I left Orlando with the big feeling of, “damn, I’m glad its over, but also I will miss the inspiration of the other attendees.” Robbin, Marion and I left WOMMA with a long list of people and companies we hope to partner with in the future. I can’t help but believe that all of us attending these WOMMA conferences are in the front row of a rollercoaster. It’s scary times, but I wouldn’t want to be sitting anywhere else for the ride.

Last thing. I wrote some random quotes down on index cards during the conference, some are from conversations others are from presentations:

  • Be interested.
  • Listen first, then talk.
  • Find the soul, let it go.
  • Participate and respond.
  • Meaning not mobs.
  • Marketers are intimates.

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