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Word of Mouth. This. Stuff. Works.

I love this statement/manifesto from WOMMA (the Word of Mouth Marketing Association). So much so that I wanted to share it with you. Kudos to Deborah Holland, Executive Vice President at Publishers Clearing House and Current Chair of WOMMA’s Board of Directors, Su Fanning President of WOMMA, the WOMMA board and all the thought leaders who …

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Branding Made Easy

The headline is misleading. Branding isn’t easy but it can be made easy. How? By being simple. Yes, simple. The most simplistic brands give people what they want at the moment they want it without complication. And in the process, these brands earn devotion (and dollars) from customers. According to the Siegel+Gale’s Global Brand Simplicity …

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Community is good for our health.

The other day I noticed a post on Linkedin from my friend Rich Jones and it lead me to the book Bowling Alone, written by Robert D. Putman. It’s know it was written a while back, but I believe the premise is still relevant.  Putnam focuses on the decline in bowling leagues in the U-S and …

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You’re not BUSY.

I have always been a huge fan of Change This Manifestos. The limited format forces smart people to edit themselves and get straight to the point. I know, we did a couple ourselves and it’s great exercise in restraint.  Today I stumbled on one from Anese Cavanaugh called Showing Up: 32 ways. Good stuff I plan …

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Friday Fotos | Give Me the Donuts Edition

Those of us doing #januarywhole30 are still at this no sugar thing. And STILL wanting donuts. #monthofhellth #week4 As Community Managers, we LOVE what we do, shaping communities and fostering conversation online. 📲 So obvi we celebrated #CMAD on Monday by commemorating the organized chaos that is our lives slash workspaces for a little #CMADselfie. We …

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Friday Fotos | It’s Mostly Shoe Pics Edition

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. // 📷: @rebekahrhoden Find a little time to kick back today. It’s #shoesdaytuesday. // 📷: @genochurch 😍 yeah THAT @familytrails // 📷: @rebekahrhoden Post-lunch obligatory shoe pic. #ihavethisthingwithfloors // 📷: @hartben

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An Unsolicited Rebrand of the LA Rams

The Los Angeles Rams are coming home. It was announced last week that Stan Kroenke’s bid to bring his current St. Louis Rams back to the city of Los Angeles was granted by the NFL. And the whole city rejoiced. At their most recent press release, the newly adorned LA Rams introduced their “new” team branding. What was revealed was …

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A day in the life.

I’m often inspired by other industries. I believe we all benefit from looking for inspiration outside of our own lives. I’ve been inspired lately watching instragram stories unfold for companies like west elm and raven and lily and freshly picked. I also got to know the folks at Eileen Fisher a bit better recently.  After reading …

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Simplifying Storytelling

Last week I had the opportunity see Larry Smith speak. (You might know him as “The guy married to that lady from Orange is the New Black.”) What you may not know is that Larry is an accomplished storyteller and runs a project called Six Word Memoirs. The premise is about simple as it gets: tell a story in six words. …

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Friday Fotos | We See You, January Edition

We spy with our little  👀  #ThePassionConversation featured in the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of Conscious Company Magazine. #digginit Happy Birthday, Well Walkers! Getting our steps in while supporting @BeWellFans Well Walkers turning ONE years old on Thursday. (Alternate: Looking this good should be a crime.) “But where’s the cheese?” about sums up how Week 2 of #JanuaryWhole30 …

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Friday Fotos | New Year, New You Edition

A handful of us at #BOF began a #whole30 this week. Because health. Because new year, new you. It’s been five days now, and we’re feelin’ all the feels that come with lack of sugar, grains, dairy, and alcohol. So, basically lots of #hangry fools up in here. But. Better believe we’re gonna make the …

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Lessons Learned in 2015

Have I told you yet how excited I am about this coming year? We have lots of new plans and excitement to look forward to in 2016. I hope you do as well. Since the year is about to come to a close, I’ve decided (as usual) to take a look back at the lessons …

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Friday Fotos | Bûche, please! Edition

Don’t be so jeally of our Bûches de Noel-ly. #sugarcoma // 📷: @moe__rice Sometimes we make professional photographers like @bobbyneptune use selfie sticks. Where the magic happens in #yeahTHATgreenville, baby. // 📷: @woodsandseaco It was a BIG day for the BOFLA dudes. Not only did they get a surprise visit from Mike Goot, BOF’s fiery Founder, but Ben and …

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Friday Fotos | Home for the Holidays Edition

Cozy much, BOF ‘brary? The holidays look good on you. We were so happy to have our whole team together in the #yeahTHATgreenville mothership. // 📷 by @amyabtaylor Not only did our girl Reebs design these festive invites, but she also has some serious #knolling skills. 💃🏻 // 📷 by @rebekahrhoden LA + GVL + a whole …

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Nobody wants a JOB.

I’m reading The Great Game of Business. Brandy recommended it. It’s been around for over 20 years, but it’s finally made it way in my hands. About 45 pages into it, I stumbled on this sentence: Nobody wants a JOB. That is so true. Jobs suck! Growing businesses, innovating, learning, starting things, shaping minds, taking …

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People Still Buy Things in Stores

Wait. Stop the train. Listen up.   People still buy things in stores.   I know. I know. It’s not sexy to say we actually bought a book in a bookstore. Nor is it cool to buy shoes, snacks, socks and so much other stuff from a retailer that exists in the physical world. All …

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The Power of Purpose

I used to get annoyed when I woke up in the middle of the night. But years ago, I decided it was something I would celebrate. So. I developed this little trick. Before I can think one single thought, I start singing this crazy little song: “Party in my head. Party in my head, oh my goodness …

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Friday Fotos | Straight Outta the Firesphere Edition

Last light. // 📷 by @rebekahrhoden “Entrepreneurship runs in my blood, especially stemming from my mother. This book is changing my life. Inspiring me to finally start one of my greatest passions… Opening my own marketing business.” // So inspired by our readers & fellow dreamers. // 📷 by @adreyyy Don’t get us wrong. We’re totally into …

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Years ago, Mike Goot and I had a financial organization reach out to us about helping them with their branding. For a couple of reasons, we were a little skeptical it would be a good fit. But we found a copy of their latest annual report and flipped through it. We both stopped at the …

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Storytelling for Unsexy Brands

Let’s be honest. Some brands, products and industries are just sexier than others. Fashion, food, transportation and travel? Sexy. Air fresheners? Not so much. I love any smart ad, but there is a special place in my heart reserved for brands that find a way to turn an unsexy product into a compelling story. Air Wick’s latest video is …

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