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What bugs you at work?

I’m big believer in this simple fact: Self-awareness is half the battle. I know what bugs me at work, but I wondered…what makes my teammates’ skin crawl or eyes roll? What might I be doing that bugs others? So Amy, Brandy and I did a little survey asking people to let us know what bugs …

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Friday Fotos | The Power of Gathering Edition

We love each other. Had fun huddling around our @letterfolkco board for a client shoot earlier this week. ☠️🔥❤️  A little humpday motivation from our team to yours. Rise and shine, people! // 🎨: @debbietrout When it comes time to transition a client, we get a little reflective. @moe__rice talks launching, maintaining, and passing the baton on a dearly loved community. Check …

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Touchpoints: Open the Box Edition

  Last week I received a really great belated birthday gift from my colleague (and fellow avid gardner), Moe. Inside the box? Handfuls of daffodil bulbs all the way from Amsterdam. As if the gift wasn’t great enough, the copywriting on the box added an extra layer of delight. Just another reminder of the value and impact of touchpoints. (Added …

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Letting Go – Part II

When I came Brains On Fire, I had heard about this thing called “community,” but I had never really experienced it in action. Certainly not in a Brains On Fire-y way. (We like to do things a little different around here.) The last year as a Community Manager at BOF has enriched me in so …

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Friday Fotos | Get in Our Car Edition

What’s all this about UGC? Monday on the blog, Community Manager @laura_garvin shared how we incorporate UGC into content strategy for our clients. Check it out right here. “Hey. YOU! Get into my car.” – the highly esteemed Billy Ocean // 📷: @rooftoptales for a really cool #client 😎.  We’re doing a blog post on every professional’s favorite subject: MEETINGS. So we …

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Letting Go

It was hard to sit down to write this post. I’ve had it on my radar for almost three weeks. The first week I waited for inspiration to strike, then desperately posted on Instagram soliciting advice from my friends and family on how to get through the writer’s block. The second week, I solidly ignored …

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What’s All This About UGC?

What’s cookin’ good lookin’? My name is Laura. I came to Brains On Fire as a college intern back in the day, and by the time I was ready to don the cap and gown, they brought me on as one of their full-time own. As a Community Manager, I spend my time nurturing the …

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Friday Fotos | Más café Edition

Short week = give us all the coffee. The OG, @genochurch. // 📸 : @rooftoptales This little piggy starred in an infographic. // 🎨 : @woodandseaco

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4 Things I Learned From My Brains on Fire Internship

In May, as an eager recent college graduate, Brains on Fire brought me on as the summer’s “Social Apprentice” to intern under the social media wizards of the Community Management team. To be honest, I envisioned spending the summer making copies, filing documents, and going on coffee runs. However, Brains on Fire is far from …

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Your Smartphone Photos Aren’t Cuttin’ It Anymore

I’m not a professional photographer and would never claim to be one. But chances are you aren’t one either. But maybe you want to get better at making images, and you don’t know where to start. This is for you, fam. One day, you woke up and decided the photos from your smartphone weren’t good …

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It Takes Courage

Caring isn’t for wimps.  Caring about what people think. Caring about what people dream. Caring about why they love you. Caring about why they hate you. Caring takes Courage.  That’s why it takes Courage to do Word of Mouth right. We need to face it, today it’s a “democracy world” when it comes to brands …

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Friday Fotos | HBD BOF Edition

Our baby is 6 today. HBD, Brains on Fire!  Brains on books. Whatcha reading lately that’s inspiring you? // 📸: @sydneypscaggs Jammin’ til the jam is through. It’s Thursday… you know what that means! No meetings, no cry. 🏝 // 📸: @moe__rice TGINDD. 🐶 #wearebof #brainsondogs

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No One Expects The Pop Up: A Lesson in Touch Points

If there’s one thing we geek out over in the marketing world, it’s touch points. Whenever I stumble across a really well done touch point, I’m compelled to pass it on. Today’s kudos goes out to CrowdRise. While uploading an image to my profile, I noticed the usual “we’re uploading your image” menu was…not so usual. …

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Friday Fotos | Still Grumpy Edition

Nugs on nugs for #NationalNuggetDay. 🐣 Check out 7 of our favorite internet nuggets, link in profile. // 📸: @rooftoptales Index cards: a creative’s best friend. When we get together to solve a creative conundrum, you bet your wordy butt we’ve got a stack of these puppies at the ready. 📝 PS wanna gamestorm with us? Apply …

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Friday Fotos | Princess Unicorn Edition

We knew when we met this #client an adventure was going to happen. // : @rebekahrhoden CALLING ALL MAGICAL UNICORNS. Brains is looking for a Fall 2016 prince or princess apprentice to join the Community squad. Application deadline is 9/1, so apply STAT. // : @woodandseaco We love where we live. Yeah. THAT Greenville! #yeahTHATgreenville

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Now Seeking: BOF Intern

What comes to mind when you hear the word “intern?” If copy making, errand running and coffee fetching come to mind, this definitely isn’t the internship for you. On the other hand, if you’re eager, excited and enthusiastic to spread your wings and try your hand at a bunch of real-world creative agency tasks, read …

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What makes you GRUMPY?

The other day I read the most brilliant interview question and it got stuck in my heart. Sorry I can’t remember where I read it. What makes you GRUMPY? So, I’ve been asking this question every chance I get. When I meet new people, when I interview someone or just around the office. And I’ve gotten …

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Friday Fotos | 📸❤️🔥 Edition

Ram’s rocking the mandana. The week is off to a great start. 📸❤️🔥 // 📷: @rooftoptales We discussed our obsession with @lacroixwater today on the Brains snap. Riveting, challenging subject matter, we know. 😜 Follow along on our next topic of choice:  👻wearebof. A little taste of #BOFLA. // 📸: @genochurch

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My Stutter. My Monster.

We all face something that prevents us being the person we are destined to become. My something is a MONSTER that confronts me nearly every waking moment. My stutter is my MONSTER. For too many years, stuttering stifled my voice and stunted my growth. It wasn’t until I reached a very low point in my …

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7 Nuggets // August Edition

You know that expression, “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t?” I think maybe the same is true of blog posts. Sometimes you feel like a post, sometimes you feel like a streamlined list of useful things to add to your work/life arsenal. In the mood for the latter? You’re in luck. Here are …

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