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Friday Fotos | Good Things Edition

Brains is on the ROAD this week! If you caught, you saw Amy, Geno and Emily conduct insight for a client in Ohio. 👻 wearebof #brainsontheroad // 📸: @rooftoptales 🎯 logo on point #wearebof // 🎨: @maddsean Hey world, meet Sydney, our bright eyed summer apprentice. She’ll be hangin’ with the community team and cutting her teeth on all things social …

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A letter to myself.

I often write letters to myself. Usually in time in of stress and change. It calms me to talk to myself. And helps me set my intentions.  Anyway, I found one of my letters today deep inside a folder on my desktop. (When I get a new computer Jack puts my entire desktop on a …

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Friday Fotos | Snappin’ and Jammin’ Edition

This week, remember: you are powerful. Practice what you preach. Make things happen. Bring your ideas to life! #carpediem On Tuesday, @brandautopsy is took over our Snapchat. It was a pretty wild day. Give us a follow (👻: wearebof) to see what else we’re up to. Humpday! You deserve a donut, do you not?!  Thursday is a glorious …

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How might we…

Several weeks ago I had the chance to attend and speak at the Conscious Capitalism Summit in Chicago. I love this group so much. Seriously. I LOVE THEM. John Mackey with Whole Foods was one of the keynote speakers. Like me, John believes that we need to bring LOVE out the corporate closet. I don’t often …

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Meet Alison Sellers

What brought you to Brains on Fire? Fate. And Mary Susan. After spending a year in France working and traveling, I had the luxury of picking a place on the map to start life again back in the States. I moved to Greenville after having it on my radar for years, and while still being …

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Friday Fotos | Stay Salty Edition

May the fourth be with you and stuff.  \ Monday Mantra // 🎨: @ramseyman Living vicariously through G & Robbin’s Australian travels this week. // 📷📸: @genochurch OH HEY. These two are our newest community managers. Meet @rooftoptales and @mademoisellers. Andrew came to us in early April. He’s got a knack with a camera and an insatiable hunger for both baller content …

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andrew huang

Meet Andrew Huang

What brought you to Brains on Fire? I was lured in with promises of massages and food, but I’m staying for the opportunity to work with very talented people in a really supportive, collaborative environment. What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever written? Once I wrote about how I ate a dozen donuts (and didn’t die) …

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Friday Fotos | Swag Swag Swag Edition

High tea for @maryaq2‘s 60th! We love ya. 🍵🌸 Have you seen our “question of the month?” Each month as a creative exercise we doodle from a prompt, and April’s challenged us to do blind contours of one another. The results are priceless. Check out the Our Humans page to see more. #weareBOF Pardon our swag. PS today …

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Friday Fotos | The Eating Our Feelings Edition

HBD to us! 🎉 Brains on Fire turned 18 this week, so we celebrated in style with tequila @kingofpopsgvl. Cheers to a wild ride thus far and another 18 to come. #weareBOF Today, we send off our beloved milkshake maker. @rebekahrhoden you are a talent and a half, a hand model to remember, and we will miss you.  We’ve …

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BOF Newsletter | Spring Digs Edition

  BRAINS ON FIRE | SPRING DIGS EDITION View this email in your browser APRIL 2016 : SPRING DIGS EDITION PARDON OUR DUST Over the past several months, The Firesphere has been undergoing a bit of a makeover. Now that the dust has settled, we’re loving our new-and-improved space. From plants to play areas to …

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Be the Interviewer.

Last night I was talking to my “guyfriend” (silly word I know, but it’s what I call him) and he said, “It occurred to me that every time I’m with someone new, I do a better job at listening if I see myself as the interviewer.”  I laughed. He writes beautiful people profiles for magazines …

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Friday Fotos | Taters Gonna Tate Edition

Kicking ass and taking names — all day, everyday. (Feat. Emily’s weekly to-do list.) Tools of the trade. #mycreativehabit Fernsday Thursday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s tater time! 🍟 #TatersGonnaTate #NationalTaterDay  

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NOW HIRING: Creative & Graphic Designer

Hear ye, hear ye! Brains on Fire is on the hunt for a qualified Creative & Graphic Designer to join our team. Our ideal candidate is a creative powerhouse with the ability to keep multiple plates spinning at the same time. Here’s a peek at what you can expect your design days to look like at BOF: DUTIES & …

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That's the other one

Know What Your Job Is

I recently saw a clip of Bryan Cranston (aka Walter White) in which he offered up a dose of wisdom that makes real sense. And while his insight is geared toward actors, it really applies to all of us: “You’re not going there to get a job. You’re going there to present what you do.”  Which got me thinking. …

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Friday Fotos | Pi Day is bae.

Life in the faff lane  ☠ #faffingfriday Hands down, best day of the year. #piday “Women’s.” #wearebof mas chicle por favor “It’s a fast read, a fun read, a smart read. Short sentences, huge heart. Read it. Why? To absorb an important truth from the masters of word-of-mouth movements: Conversations spring from passions, not products.” – …

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Just Our Type

A few of us were recently discussing the different ways people handle things around the office — from timelines to brainstorming, conflict to contributing in meetings. Which got us thinking. How can a group of people who work so well together as a team have such vastly different working styles and personal preferences on an individual level?  So …

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That's the other one

Friday Fotos | Ceee luh brate good times CAMANNN Edition

All signs point to  ☠ . #BOFLA Will work for cupcakes. Perks of the job ain’t shabby. TY, @susiecakesbakery! “If it truly matters, [your work] becomes a part of you. Like the mechanic who never really loses the oil stains under his fingernails, our work stays with us wherever we go. It becomes a part of …

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office blog

Space matters.

A while back we took a leap of faith and did an extreme makeover on our space in the INNOVATE building. We love it here, but we were way over due for a bit of spiffing up. Little did we realize that it would transform the way we work and connect. We knocked down ALL our …

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I’ll be honest. I haven’t thought of the word “thrive” very much. It’s a pretty badass word. Sadly, it just didn’t resonate as word I used in my thoughts and conversations. A recent speaking event changed that. Brian Passon of the Wellness Underground engaged me to speak at their un-conference for wellness professionals. As a …

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Word of Mouth. This. Stuff. Works.

I love this statement/manifesto from WOMMA (the Word of Mouth Marketing Association). So much so that I wanted to share it with you. Kudos to Deborah Holland, Executive Vice President at Publishers Clearing House and Current Chair of WOMMA’s Board of Directors, Su Fanning President of WOMMA, the WOMMA board and all the thought leaders who …

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