Friday Fotos | Fix the Furniture Edition

Real men chews pink.   This is Jonah. His official position at #BOFLA is “Jack of All Titles”, because…well, the man can do it all. One of his greatest pleasures is seeing the look of surprise on people’s faces upon hearing he was once a college athlete. You can find his name in the ‘Special …

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How to REALLY think like your customers.

If you google “how to think like your customers” you’ll find tons of sales trainers and marketing folks talking about “how to get your customers to buy more stuff”; which is on our minds as marketers for sure. But, as Marty Neumeier says in his new book The Brand Flip, the new world of marketing is more …

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Personal Branding Matters

The conversation about personal branding seems to be popping up everywhere these days. Fast Company recent dubbed it “essential to career success.” 99u says “the resume is dead, the bio is king.” Inc says “virtually everyone” needs to care about personal branding, because “how people see you matters; it is a fundamental truth of being a human.” …

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Friday Fotos | Glitter Is Good Edition

This elusive lady is Cathy Harrison, an account shepherd at Brains On Fire! A mother of two (Sam and Kate), lover of Publix, and all-around kick-ass business woman, Cathy knows how to get the job done. She’s on top of her stuff – if you want to feel like a slob, check out her cabinets! …

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Seek to be insanely understood.

Geno’s hair. Just because… The other day I was speaking to someone and they gave me some great advice: Seek to be insanely understood. Brilliant, right? How might your world change if you kept  this a mantra in your mind and asked yourself “How might I make my words, spoken or written,  insanely easy to understand?”  …

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Thought for a Monday Morning

We have the most interesting stuff in our archives. I found this while hunting around for a photo last week. This oldie but goodie from the super talented Justin Gammon is too good not to share. Have the best week EVER. And keep your ears and heart wide open.  

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We’re all looking for our people.

  My son Tyler shared this beautiful video with me. Dare you not to listen to it twice! We’re all looking for our people. That simple truth is the single biggest opportunity for business and organizations. Brains on Fire is in the community building business. We study people and what connects them to each other. …

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Southern Pressed Juicery

Our latest work with Southern Pressed Juicery, offering 100% organic, raw, cold-pressed juice made from the freshest fruits and vegetables. Southern Pressed Juicery gives your body a break without breaking your stride. From cleanses to smoothies to healthy food options, their menu items will give you a lift from the inside out. Feel Delicious!    

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Friday Fotos | State of the Firesphere Edition

Greg Ramsey (aka Ramsey or Ram) is BOF’s designer craftsman! Ramsey wants to learn how to run a letterpress, improve his fly fishing, and take some cooking, figure drawing, and woodworking classes (just to name a few). He’s great at games that involve sneaking around outside and he likes custard pie and goofy jokes. Ram …

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Stop trying so hard.

Oh, you know. Cordell just being Cordell. This morning in yoga I had a wonderful “aha” moment. I realized that I was struggling more than usual. Because I was trying too hard. I stopped for a moment, smiled, then went about the rest of the class just being me. And suddenly everything that I was …

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Story Matters

Story Inspires. Story changes. Story moves. It’s at the root of impact, action & heart. We are moved to compassion, to new perspectives, new definitions of our world and ourselves — we are moved to action because of story. Every cause, every movement, every truth is rooted in it. Story matters. It is a determining …

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Friday Fotos | Tribe Edition

Some say it takes a village to raise a child. We say it takes a tribe. Cordell, you rock!   We had an office visitor Friday. It could have been a ruff day without him!   John Moore is Brains On Fire’s Chief of Wahoo or Marketing Raconteur! While it may appear that his only …

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BlogHer15 Recap: Brands + Bloggers

Last week Moe and I headed to NYC for a couple days of vacation…followed by a handful of days learning, connecting and growing at #BlogHer15. The event was a flurry of sessions and smarts, but more than anything, it gave us new and profound perspective on the value of brand-blogger partnerships. There were some big name players present, …

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No times seven.

I love this photo of the young guns from our LA office. We learn to hate hearing NO at a very early age. I googled “how many times does a toddler hear no” and found this response from Nina Spence. “A UCLA survey from a few years ago reported that the average one year old child …

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Our client Southern Pressed Juicery just gets it. They know they’re as much about building a joyful and healthy community as they are about making great juice and healthy food. We’re in the business of connecting people. We help our customers create emotional engagement with the people they serve. And because of that the people …

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The Springs LA

  Our latest branding and design work from the Springs LA, a multi-faceted urban oasis cultivating health, wellness, sustainability and community. Located in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, the springs includes an organic juice bar, yoga studio, wellness center, and raw vegan restaurant & wine bar. Creating a hub for health-conscious consumers, wellness-seekers, and foodies. …

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Why “Not My Job” Just Might Be Your Most Important Job

The guy in the photo above is my friend Senthil (+ his super adorable son.) And this is a story about how he went above and by making my problem his problem. I’m not proud to admit that last week I lost my cool online. I’m prepping for a move, and the chaos of trying to coordinate the two-mile transfer of …

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Friday Fotos | $$$ Edition

S/O to John and Sitara for these day brighteners yesterday! Made-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies? Yes please! We’re willing to bet that #BOF is the most well-fed agency in town.   It might look like he’s in a submarine, but that’s because Geno Church is actually BOF’s very own passion pirate! He wears many hats here …

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Great Storytellers: Rhett & Link

Several years ago, I discovered the dynamic duo of Rhett and Link cracking up the interwebs via Youtube. Over the years, they somehow slipped off my radar. A few weeks ago, while searching for something else, YouTube presented me with a suggested video featuring Rhett and Link — and my evenings have been filled with hours …

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The truth is amazing stuff.

The other day I walked into one of our phone rooms. We call it the red room even though we just painted it a really lovely shade of white. Cathy and Cordell were calling our LA office for an internal client preview meeting. I love these previews so I wanted to sit in. Well. The …

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