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Aging with Laughter and Joy.

I wasn’t born yesterday.  But I’m so lucky. I work alongside a very young and very young at heart group of people. Which sort of forces me, in a subtle and wonderful way, to stay relevant and current. That’s not the case for everyone. So I thought I would share what working with a group …

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There’s no such thing as a rock star.

I hate it when I hear people call someone a “rock star.” Being in the business I’m in –marketing –I hear that word more than the average person. We love to label. And I just can’t stand it. The other day I shared with you the first line in a book I am reading, Play Bigger by …

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Fighting the Fear

As an INFJ, few things are more tormenting to my psyche than the thought of an upcoming public speaking gig. To give you some perspective, if I were on Survivor and given a choice between public speaking and eating a bug…I’d be asking them to pass the sriracha. I suspect I’m not alone in this. When you google “public speaking,” one …

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Writers read.

A good friend of mine and brilliant teacher and writer, Scott Gould used to hand out this advice for writers. Writers read. I was not trained as a writer. I took a lot of creative writing in college but my major was Art with a minor in Business. (I was told that was a first …

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Friday Fotos | Summer Scenes Edition

😎 Summer: we are pumped. Witness our levels of pumped on snapchat daily 👻 wearebof.   Hey. HEY! We’re hiring a Senior Designer / Art Director. Tag your friends and check our blog for more information. 🎨 We don’t play favorites around here, but Lu’s a charmer, dawg-gone it! 🐾 Friday was #BringYourDogToWorkDay, and despite his extensive to-do list, …

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Now Hiring: Senior Designer/Art Director

Hear ye, hear ye! Brains on Fire is on the hunt for a qualified Senior Designer to join our team. Our ideal candidate is a creative powerhouse with the ability to keep multiple plates spinning at the same time.  As a Design Thinker at BOF, you’ll be waving your creative wand (or at least your Photoshop wand) …

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What kind of person do you enjoy working with every day?

We’ve been doing a bit of hiring at Brains on Fire lately.  I love, LOVE the new faces and new energy. One recent Monday morning at our weekly team meeting, Cordell led the meeting and he asked the team to list the qualities that make a Brains on Fire teammate great? Here’s that list: Committed …

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Friday Fotos | Strong Southern Fairy Edition

A little 🎨 for your Monday afternoon. #weareBOF PSA: Brains on Fire is very much thankful for THIS strong southern fairy. @verymerri, we loved watching your honeymoon adventures in Glacier unfold, but HOLY MALOLY we’re glad you’re back. 😘 // 📷📸: @rooftoptales Today’s goal: empower a hero💪 #wearebof // 🎨: @maddsean

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Meet Deb

What brought you to Brains on Fire? How much time do you have…? Brains on Fire has a passion for making human connections and telling stories, and I love that. Learning from and working with a group of such talented, creative, and all around good people is a dream come true. Design is supposed to …

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Friday Fotos | Cerulean Adventures Edition

Aloha, Monday. Our pretty maker Josh just returned from Hawaii, so we all shall live vicariously & virtually through his cerulean adventures. // 📷📸: @woodandseaco “Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate.” – Charlie “Choo Choo” Justice Rice is nice. And so is our lovely community manager/mothership mama, @moe__rice. #❤️🍚// 🎨: @woodandseaco Meet @apautz, …

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Meet Abby

What brought you to Brains on Fire? A combination of serendipity and a little nudge from a professor at my Alma Mater in the form of a book recommendation: “The Passion Conversation.” Fast forward two years, and I’ve just wrapped up a two-year gig with the Orr Entrepreneurial Fellowship in Indianapolis. I was looking for …

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Friday Fotos | Bubbles are Best Edition

Jam day isn’t jam day without a big ass cuppa. ☕️  Explore until you die. ☠ // 🎨: @hartben Because bubbles make everything better.👌

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Internview: Meet Sydney

What brought you to Brains on Fire? Oddly enough, I stumbled upon Brains on Fire while insta-stalking Laura. I applied for the Social Apprentice position on a whim and instantly fell in love with the people of BoF during my interview. It’s all been a dream, really. What’s your favorite font? Avenir If you were …

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Friday Fotos | Good Things Edition

Brains is on the ROAD this week! If you caught, you saw Amy, Geno and Emily conduct insight for a client in Ohio. 👻 wearebof #brainsontheroad // 📸: @rooftoptales 🎯 logo on point #wearebof // 🎨: @maddsean Hey world, meet Sydney, our bright eyed summer apprentice. She’ll be hangin’ with the community team and cutting her teeth on all things social …

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A letter to myself.

I often write letters to myself. Usually in time in of stress and change. It calms me to talk to myself. And helps me set my intentions.  Anyway, I found one of my letters today deep inside a folder on my desktop. (When I get a new computer Jack puts my entire desktop on a …

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Friday Fotos | Snappin’ and Jammin’ Edition

This week, remember: you are powerful. Practice what you preach. Make things happen. Bring your ideas to life! #carpediem On Tuesday, @brandautopsy is took over our Snapchat. It was a pretty wild day. Give us a follow (👻: wearebof) to see what else we’re up to. Humpday! You deserve a donut, do you not?!  Thursday is a glorious …

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How might we…

Several weeks ago I had the chance to attend and speak at the Conscious Capitalism Summit in Chicago. I love this group so much. Seriously. I LOVE THEM. John Mackey with Whole Foods was one of the keynote speakers. Like me, John believes that we need to bring LOVE out the corporate closet. I don’t often …

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Meet Alison Sellers

What brought you to Brains on Fire? Fate. And Mary Susan. After spending a year in France working and traveling, I had the luxury of picking a place on the map to start life again back in the States. I moved to Greenville after having it on my radar for years, and while still being …

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Friday Fotos | Stay Salty Edition

May the fourth be with you and stuff.  \ Monday Mantra // 🎨: @ramseyman Living vicariously through G & Robbin’s Australian travels this week. // 📷📸: @genochurch OH HEY. These two are our newest community managers. Meet @rooftoptales and @mademoisellers. Andrew came to us in early April. He’s got a knack with a camera and an insatiable hunger for both baller content …

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andrew huang

Meet Andrew Huang

What brought you to Brains on Fire? I was lured in with promises of massages and food, but I’m staying for the opportunity to work with very talented people in a really supportive, collaborative environment. What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever written? Once I wrote about how I ate a dozen donuts (and didn’t die) …

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