NOW HIRING: Graphic Designer

Hear ye, hear ye! Brains on Fire is on the hunt for a qualified Graphic Designer to join our team. Our ideal candidate is a creative powerhouse with the ability to keep multiple plates spinning at the same time. Here’s a peek at what you can expect your design days to look like at BOF: DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES Creatively …

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Friday Fotos | BOFLA Is Hiring Edition

BOFLA IS HIRING! Know a plate-spinning project manager // stone cold client facing badass in the LA area? Tag them in this post so they can COME WORK FOR BRAINS! Apply here. “Despite being a creative, I’m not someone who thrives on chaos. I want to manage my days – not the other way around. So …

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Intern Halftime

With half her internship behind her, we recently checked in with Marissa to see how things are going in the life of a BOF intern…   WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR INTERNSHIP:   What has surprised you the most? There are so many projects people are working on! It’s fun to see and engage with the activities …

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Lessons from a Telegram to Katie Couric.

My first real job out of college was with a firm that did car dealership advertising. We represented about 22 dealerships in all. Whew. Fun times. One of the men who owned the firm was an interesting man. He had a very nice luxury car (makes sense, right) but he was absolutely TERRIFIED of driving. Part …

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It’s Cyber Monday. The world is hard at work…at work…pretending to work, while secretly trolling Amazon for the best deals. For the first time in a long time, I am not joining them in the thrill of the deal chase. I have more than enough, which is a reality I have recently been forced to confront. …

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10 PERFECTLY DESIGNED Conversation Starters for your Thanksgiving Table

Many of us may find ourselves at uncomfortable Thanksgiving tables this year. As designers and communicators, we at Brains on Fire set out to design the PERFECT conversation starters for any turkey gathering. These starters are guaranteed to keep your family talking for hours and away from the most sensitive (ahem, political) topics. Happy Thanksgiving …

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How not to live an ordinary life.

I grew up in a small town. So growing up, my world was very small. We never went on vacations because my dad was a workaholic. He was always at work. My mom drove, but not far. Just to the store or downtown or to visit my Grandmother. And she never drove after dark. She …

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Friday Fotos | Archetype Edition

The ever-dapper OG, GC. @genochurch “Dang, thems some fancy words.” @rooftoptales gives a quick-and-dirty, super simplified breakdown of basic photography terms on the blog. Have you ever thought about which archetype epitomizes your brand? It’s a fun exercise that leads to a deeper understanding of your passion and purpose. Try it out sometime! Now watch me …

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NOW HIRING: Account Executive (Los Angeles)

Brains on Fire is looking for a qualified Account Executive to join our amazing Los Angeles team. Must be flexible, organized and able to hold your own in our fast-paced, fun, friendly, client-focused environment. Our ideal AE will have five years of agency or brand-side experience, as well as experience managing interactive projects. A go-getter mentality …

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Permission to think.

Years ago I used to take my summer vacations at a very quiet resort in Jamacia called the Jamacia Inn. It wasn’t super fancy. But it was magical. There was also no TVs. No internet. No parties. No planned activities. Just a really simple place with a private beach and a few scattered sailboats and …

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Okay, but really, what do I do?

I’m not a professional photographer and would never claim to be one. But chances are you aren’t one either. But maybe you want to get better at making images, and you don’t know where to start. This is for you, fam.  Where were we again? Oh. Right. I’d just overwhelmed you with WORDS about PHOTOGRAPHY …

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Friday Fotos | Eat Cookies, America Edition

Sending out aaaalllllll the good vibes on this hallowed Jam Day! 🍁 The man, the myth, the legend : @gregcordell. America needs a couple or three cookies today. 🇺🇸🍪 The dynamic duo taking it all in at @semashow. // 📸:@rooftoptales Cheers to DST courtesy our#BOFLA principal Ben, who was in our GVL office this week. …

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One more story about the Cub’s win.

My big brother sent an email to me last week after the Cubs won. It made my heart smile and it also reminded me that those of us who take time with kids, our own or others make memories that last for a very, very long time. Make them magical. Also, that power of story …

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Friday Fotos | Scary Snacks Edition

When it comes to community ROI at Brains, engagements are our greatest indicator of success. Impressions and reach are good and well, but an engaged community has real, vibrant conversation, strong connections, and the potential to change the world. How do you measure ROI? Just add a PSL and you’re set for the weekend. 🍂💁☕️🎃 …

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NCFL is Hiring a Community Manager + Literacy Specialist

Are you plugged into literacy education trends, endlessly curious about the world, tech-knowledgeable, and social media savvy? If so, this may be just the opportunity for you. Our clients at the National Center for Families Learning are looking for a Community Manager and Literacy Specialist to join their team. Ideal candidate has experience in effective …

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Friday Fotos | Desk Digs Edition

G is repping Brains at @weareota and their stage backdrop is 🔥🔥🔥 #brainsontheroad What’s on your plate today? If you tag @wearebof in a shot of your desk digs, we’ll reach out and send you somethin’ special. Try us! 🐎  Whoooooooooah Seanny. / 🎨: @maddsean In keeping with our banana theme, we’re launching a love bomb to our Fearless …

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Meet Marissa

It’s that time of year. Leaves are changing. Temps are dropping. New faces are popping up around The Firesphere. That’s right. There’s a new apprentice in the house…and her name is Marissa.   I’m Marissa, an Orlando native recently transplanted to Travelers Rest, South Carolina. I attended Clemson University, during which I lived in Italy for six …

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Friday Fotos | Bananadog Edition

  “Life is full of banana skins. You slip, you carry on.” – @maddsean‘s bananadog / Daphne Guinness When it’s #nationaltacoday, every hour is happy hour. @cantina76 Tuna by Trout.  🎨: @debbietroutb Living in the Triangle and looking for a little lunchtime inspiration? @genochurch will be talking all things WOM at the @Triangle.AMA next Thursday, October …

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Dang Them’s Some Fancy Words

I’m not a professional photographer and would never claim to be one. But chances are you aren’t one either. But maybe you want to get better at making images, and you don’t know where to start. This is for you, fam. Because I have realistic expectations, I know you probably didn’t look up all those …

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Friday Fotos | All The Feels Edition

“I’m big believer in this simple fact: Self-awareness is half the battle. I know what bugs me at work, but I wondered…what make my teammate’s skin crawl or eyes roll? What might I be doing that bugs others? So Amy, Brandy and I did a little survey asking people to let us know what bugs …

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