Internview: Meet Sydney

What brought you to Brains on Fire? Oddly enough, I stumbled upon Brains on Fire while insta-stalking Laura. I applied for the Social Apprentice position on a whim and instantly fell in love with the people of BoF during my interview. It’s all been a dream, really. What’s your favorite font? Avenir If you were …

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NOW HIRING: Freelance Social Media Manager

Brains on Fire is looking for a qualified freelance Social Media Manager to join our team on a contract basis – STAT! The ideal candidate will have previous experience nurturing influencer relationships, curating content and managing social media for a brand and will come ready to rock our client’s world with an exceptional ability to …

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Friday Fotos | Good Things Edition

Brains is on the ROAD this week! If you caught, you saw Amy, Geno and Emily conduct insight for a client in Ohio. 👻 wearebof #brainsontheroad // 📸: @rooftoptales 🎯 logo on point #wearebof // 🎨: @maddsean Hey world, meet Sydney, our bright eyed summer apprentice. She’ll be hangin’ with the community team and cutting her teeth on all things social …

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A letter to myself.

I often write letters to myself. Usually in time in of stress and change. It calms me to talk to myself. And helps me set my intentions.  Anyway, I found one of my letters today deep inside a folder on my desktop. (When I get a new computer Jack puts my entire desktop on a …

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Friday Fotos | Snappin’ and Jammin’ Edition

This week, remember: you are powerful. Practice what you preach. Make things happen. Bring your ideas to life! #carpediem On Tuesday, @brandautopsy is took over our Snapchat. It was a pretty wild day. Give us a follow (👻: wearebof) to see what else we’re up to. Humpday! You deserve a donut, do you not?!  Thursday is a glorious …

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How might we…

Several weeks ago I had the chance to attend and speak at the Conscious Capitalism Summit in Chicago. I love this group so much. Seriously. I LOVE THEM. John Mackey with Whole Foods was one of the keynote speakers. Like me, John believes that we need to bring LOVE out the corporate closet. I don’t often …

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Meet Alison Sellers

What brought you to Brains on Fire? Fate. And Mary Susan. After spending a year in France working and traveling, I had the luxury of picking a place on the map to start life again back in the States. I moved to Greenville after having it on my radar for years, and while still being …

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Friday Fotos | Stay Salty Edition

May the fourth be with you and stuff.  \ Monday Mantra // 🎨: @ramseyman Living vicariously through G & Robbin’s Australian travels this week. // 📷📸: @genochurch OH HEY. These two are our newest community managers. Meet @rooftoptales and @mademoisellers. Andrew came to us in early April. He’s got a knack with a camera and an insatiable hunger for both baller content …

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andrew huang

Meet Andrew Huang

What brought you to Brains on Fire? I was lured in with promises of massages and food, but I’m staying for the opportunity to work with very talented people in a really supportive, collaborative environment. What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever written? Once I wrote about how I ate a dozen donuts (and didn’t die) …

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Friday Fotos | Swag Swag Swag Edition

High tea for @maryaq2‘s 60th! We love ya. 🍵🌸 Have you seen our “question of the month?” Each month as a creative exercise we doodle from a prompt, and April’s challenged us to do blind contours of one another. The results are priceless. Check out the Our Humans page to see more. #weareBOF Pardon our swag. PS today …

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Friday Fotos | The Eating Our Feelings Edition

HBD to us! 🎉 Brains on Fire turned 18 this week, so we celebrated in style with tequila @kingofpopsgvl. Cheers to a wild ride thus far and another 18 to come. #weareBOF Today, we send off our beloved milkshake maker. @rebekahrhoden you are a talent and a half, a hand model to remember, and we will miss you.  We’ve …

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BOF Newsletter | Spring Digs Edition

  BRAINS ON FIRE | SPRING DIGS EDITION View this email in your browser APRIL 2016 : SPRING DIGS EDITION PARDON OUR DUST Over the past several months, The Firesphere has been undergoing a bit of a makeover. Now that the dust has settled, we’re loving our new-and-improved space. From plants to play areas to …

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Be the Interviewer.

Last night I was talking to my “guyfriend” (silly word I know, but it’s what I call him) and he said, “It occurred to me that every time I’m with someone new, I do a better job at listening if I see myself as the interviewer.”  I laughed. He writes beautiful people profiles for magazines …

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Friday Fotos | Taters Gonna Tate Edition

Kicking ass and taking names — all day, everyday. (Feat. Emily’s weekly to-do list.) Tools of the trade. #mycreativehabit Fernsday Thursday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s tater time! 🍟 #TatersGonnaTate #NationalTaterDay  

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NOW HIRING: Creative & Graphic Designer

Hear ye, hear ye! Brains on Fire is on the hunt for a qualified Creative & Graphic Designer to join our team. Our ideal candidate is a creative powerhouse with the ability to keep multiple plates spinning at the same time. Here’s a peek at what you can expect your design days to look like at BOF: DUTIES & …

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That's the other one

Know What Your Job Is

I recently saw a clip of Bryan Cranston (aka Walter White) in which he offered up a dose of wisdom that makes real sense. And while his insight is geared toward actors, it really applies to all of us: “You’re not going there to get a job. You’re going there to present what you do.”  Which got me thinking. …

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Friday Fotos | Pi Day is bae.

Life in the faff lane  ☠ #faffingfriday Hands down, best day of the year. #piday “Women’s.” #wearebof mas chicle por favor “It’s a fast read, a fun read, a smart read. Short sentences, huge heart. Read it. Why? To absorb an important truth from the masters of word-of-mouth movements: Conversations spring from passions, not products.” – …

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Just Our Type

A few of us were recently discussing the different ways people handle things around the office — from timelines to brainstorming, conflict to contributing in meetings. Which got us thinking. How can a group of people who work so well together as a team have such vastly different working styles and personal preferences on an individual level?  So …

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That's the other one

Friday Fotos | Ceee luh brate good times CAMANNN Edition

All signs point to  ☠ . #BOFLA Will work for cupcakes. Perks of the job ain’t shabby. TY, @susiecakesbakery! “If it truly matters, [your work] becomes a part of you. Like the mechanic who never really loses the oil stains under his fingernails, our work stays with us wherever we go. It becomes a part of …

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office blog

Space matters.

A while back we took a leap of faith and did an extreme makeover on our space in the INNOVATE building. We love it here, but we were way over due for a bit of spiffing up. Little did we realize that it would transform the way we work and connect. We knocked down ALL our …

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