Author: Benjamin Hart

The Brains on Fire Guide to a Drama-Free Office Holiday Party

Office holiday parties can be full of drama, but have no fear, we at BOF have a quick list to make sure those office Ho Ho Ho’s don’t turn into No No No’s.     Don’t diffuse Frankincense essential oils. Also, don’t diffuse any essential oils.   Don’t declare that there is a ‘war on …

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10 PERFECTLY DESIGNED Conversation Starters for your Thanksgiving Table

Many of us may find ourselves at uncomfortable Thanksgiving tables this year. As designers and communicators, we at Brains on Fire set out to design the PERFECT conversation starters for any turkey gathering. These starters are guaranteed to keep your family talking for hours and away from the most sensitive (ahem, political) topics. Happy Thanksgiving …

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An Unsolicited Rebrand of the LA Rams

The Los Angeles Rams are coming home. It was announced last week that Stan Kroenke’s bid to bring his current St. Louis Rams back to the city of Los Angeles was granted by the NFL. And the whole city rejoiced. At their most recent press release, the newly adorned LA Rams introduced their “new” team branding. What was revealed was …

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